Audi A4, S4

Since 2000 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi A4, S4
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   Start of the engine from the auxiliary storage battery
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+ Controls and receptions of safe operation
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating and the air conditioner
+ Power supply systems, release and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of an electric equipment of the engine
+ Manual box of a gear change
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling, power shafts and differential
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Start of the engine from the auxiliary storage battery

In case of a discharge of the storage battery the engine can be started by means of auxiliary cables and the storage battery of other car. Both accumulators should have rated voltage 12 Century

The capacity токодающего the accumulator should not be much less, than at discharged.

As auxiliary it is possible to use only cables with big enough section. Pay attention on resulted by manufacturer of a cable parametres.

Use auxiliary cables with the isolated polar clips.

Positive cable - usually red colour.

Negative cable - usually black colour.

There should not be a contact between cars. Otherwise the chain will already become isolated at connection плюсовых conclusions.

There is a danger of a chemical burn!

Do not bend over the storage battery during start by means of the auxiliary storage battery.

There is a danger of explosion!

Do not work with an open flame, do not smoke, avoid искрообразования near to the storage battery.

Start by means of the auxiliary storage battery is possible at the cold engine and cooled down каталитическом the converter. It is necessary to avoid, however, repeated and long attempts of start.

Start of the engine by means of the device for the accelerated gymnastics of storage batteries is not supposed.

The gymnastics of the storage battery are considered in the Head Current leaving and service.

The discharged accumulator should be properly connected to an onboard network of the car.

Disconnect if necessary automobile phone. More detailed information in this case can be received from phone operation manual.

Engine start

Auxiliary cables connect in the set sequence!

Connection of positive conclusions by a positive cable (red)


  1. Fix one end of a cable on a positive conclusion (1) discharged accumulators ()
  2. Other end of a cable incorporates to a positive conclusion (2) токодающей batteries ().

Start of the engine from the accumulator of other car

And — the Discharged accumulator
In — Tokodajushchy the accumulator

Connection of negative conclusions by a negative cable (black)


  1. Fix one end of a cable on a negative conclusion (3) токодающей batteries ().
  2. Other end of a cable incorporates to a negative conclusion (4) discharged accumulators ().

Engine start


  1. Get the engine токодающего the car. The engine it is necessary to idle.
  2. Get the engine of the car with the discharged accumulator.
  3. If the engine is not got, stop start attempt in 10 seconds and repeat start process later 30 seconds.
  4. When the engine will be got, disconnect both cables, operating strictly in return sequence.

The accumulator of your car is equipped by system of external ventilation. Gas formed in the accumulator thereby leaves from the car. Watch sufficient metal contact of the connected polar clips.

Such sequence of connection of auxiliary cables is applied to start of your car. If your accumulator is used for start of the engine of other car the negative cable (-) incorporates not to a negative conclusion of the discharged accumulator (4), and with massive, strongly screwed on the engine block, a detail or the block. In the absence of ventilation of the discharged accumulator explosive detonating gas accumulates.